Explore Program

The Explore Program will instill an artistic foundation that students can take with them throughout the remainder of their artistic endeavors. They will move up in this level until they are ready for the Imagine Level.

-try a multitude of mediums

-explore a variety of artistic styles

-learn Principles of Design & Elements of Art

-Basic understanding of art history timeline + artists

Students must complete the red, orange, and yellow levels before advancing to the Imagine Program.

Imagine Program

The Imagine Level transitions students from broad overview into skill focused learning. Learning the intricacies of shading, how to apply brush strokes to achieve certain textures, movement, create glass effects, and water effects, just to name a few. Students will also apply these skills while utilizing the Principles of Design and Elements of Art in a more purposeful way. They will also learn more details about art history.

-sharpen artistic skills

solidify comprehension of Principles of Design + Elements of Art

deeper and more detailed dive into art history

Students must complete the green, blue, and purple levels before advancing to the Create Program.

Create Program

The Create Program will prepare students for artistic careers and help them find their individual style, create their own set of series, and develop their artist statement.

develop artist statements/mission statements

-goal setting

networking with other creatives

develop and create your own artistic series

-learn entrepreneurship techniques and skills

-learn how to find and apply for artist grants

-learn how to market your artwork