June 13th-17th: 9am-12pm: Find Your Style Art Camp! Find your artistic style by exploring different artists and their styles. We will study art styles and try to create in different ways! Find your favorite style or create your own! This camp is available for ages 5 and up.

June 13th-17th: 1pm-4pm: At 3D Design class we will create a wire sculpture, paper sculpture, and papier mache sculpture. We will also learn the basics of 3 dimensional design and get to work with clay! This camp is available for ages 5 and up.

June 20th-24th: 9am-12pm: At Media Exploration Art Camp, we will experience a wide variety of mediums! Acrylic, Watercolors, Pastels, Clay, Inks, and more! Let your artist discover their favorite medium and create some finished works of art! This camp is available for ages 5 and up.

June 20th-24th: 1pm-4pm: Animation Art Camp will be a wonderful place for your young artist to learn about animation styles! We will develop our own story board for a finished animation. All campers will receive a sponsored entry fee into the Viva Texas Film Festival! This camp is available for ages 10 and up.

July 11th-15th: 9am-12pm: Creative Writing Camp. We will write and illustrate a short story. Some stories will be published in a local arts magazine! Students will also learn a variety of writing exercises they can continue to use after camp to help them develop their writing skills! This camp is available for ages 10 and up.

July 11th-15th: 1pm-4pm: Sewing camp with Karen Greer will be an amazing way to learn sewing basics! Due to a limited number of sewing machines, this camp size will be limited to 8 campers. Students will learn how to use a sewing machine as well as techniques they can take with them after camp ends. This camp is available for ages 9 and up.

July 18th-22nd: 9am-12pm: At All About Animal Art Camp, we will focus on animals! We will learn about animal bone structures, muscle tones, and more! We will also have visits from live animals. Students will complete finished compositions of animals. This camp is available for ages 5 and up.

July 18th-22nd: 1pm-4pm: Clay Camp will allow students to learn states of clay and history of ceramics. We will create hand built items, pottery wheel thrown items, and 1 bisque ware item. Get ready to be messy and have a blast at clay camp!

July 25th-29th: 9am-12pm: Fashion Camp! We will learn about different fashion styles and some about the history of fashion. Students will also develop their own designs and attempt to create a finished piece in time for the fashion show at the end of the week.

July 25th-29th: 1pm-4pm: At Artistic Career camp, we will learn about different kinds of artistic careers and talk to a variety of artists who have made art their career! From jewelry making to ceramics, we will learn about a wide variety of artistic careers. We will also have hands on experiences like creating our own clay mold and pouring liquid clay inside to create a finished pieces.