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Live Pottery Classes

Learn all the aspects of pottery from our local creatives

Professional Potters can guide you through all processes of pottery. From Pottery Basics, Learning to throw on a pottery wheel, Glazing workshops, Raku Firing, and more. We will have you covered
New Classes will be added as we grow! Check our Calendar, Follow us on Facebook, and join our email list!


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We value each and every member & want our family to grow. Our members range from toddlers to retirees, Students and Novice artists to Professionals and Masters. We have the space for you to Design, Create, Collaborate, and just be.

Drop-in Studio Hours & memberships

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Pottery Studio Hours

Pottery Studio Hours are available every week. A monthly Membership can be purchased for unlimited Studio Access with a VIRTUOSO MEMBERSHIP.
A discount on supplies applies to all memberships. ***Clay must be purchased at CAH


Pottery Supplies


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